I'm Coconutty For You
I'm Coconutty For You
I'm Coconutty For You
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I'm Coconutty For You

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Laurel’s Coconut butter – Make every meal better! It is naturally extracted from the creamy white flesh of coconuts and ground to a creamy paste. The coconut butter will melt in your mouth and taste delicious. You can enjoy it as a spread, in desserts, smoothies, cookies, or drizzled over granola.

Grab coconut butter to give yourself tropical vacation vibes after a tiring day at work!

Are you allergic to tree nut butters? Well, don’t worry anymore. Let Laurel’s coconut butter make your snack times better. Even if you are not allergic to tree nut butters, you can still try coconut butter spread to explore new flavors of buttery goodness. Warning - A spoonful of Laurel’s coconut butter is highly addictive!

It is not only packed with healthy fats and nutrients, but it has a quite versatile usage too. You can pour it over sweet potatoes, use it in desserts, spread it over toast, drizzle it over a bowl full of berries, or devour it straight from the jar! Laurel’s coconut butter – Let’s get coconutty every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Coconut spread butter is not unhealthy at all. In fact, it is packed with healthy fats, fiber, and nutrients. From making your immune system strong, skin radiant, and bones healthy, Laurel’s coconut butter can do a lot for your body. 

Yes, you can substitute coconut butter for butter. Even making festive desserts or baking cookies, you can use Laurel’s coconut butter spread instead of traditional butter. It will be a healthy alternative to butter.

Laurel’s coconut butter spread is made of roasted almonds, white chocolate, shredded organic coconut, organic coconut oil, coconut extract, and organic sea salt. It is free of gluten, preservatives, and additives of any kind, making it perfect for vegan, diet-conscious or ketogenic people.

Laurel’s coconut butter is the perfect creamy butter for gym enthusiasts and diet-conscious individuals. You can easily buy coconut butter online from Laurel’s Butter. 


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