Straight Up Cashew Butter
Straight Up Cashew Butter
Straight Up Cashew Butter
Straight Up Cashew Butter
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Straight Up Cashew Butter

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Laurel’s Butter is a reliable brand known for its delicious and nutritious nut butter. When the world went crazy for peanut butter – Laurel’s Butter raised the bars with its delicious cashew nut butter. The smooth cashew butter is specially made for foodies who love to add a little nuttiness to their favorite snacks and desserts. A perfect nut butter to treat your taste buds better!

 Ingredients: Roasted cashews, sea salt. Thats it!


When it comes to nut butters, people allergic to peanuts have limited choices. However, we took the initiative to provide people with healthy nut butters in different flavors to satisfy their cravings. From pouring cashew nut butter on top of your pancakes, waffles, smoothies, smoothie bowls, ice cream cones, and toasts, you can make your every meal a delight!

Not only Laurel’s cashew butter is delicious, but it is nutritious too. It is made of roasted cashews and sea salt. That’s it. Therefore, it is free of gluten, preservatives, and additives of any kind, making it great for everyone looking for a way to cut back on sugar and still enjoy a natural sweetness in their desserts and snacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cashew butter spread might be lower in protein than peanut butter, but it is richer in other nutrients, including iron, copper, and phosphorous. Also, the cashew nut spread contains all the healthy fats, making it perfect for anyone who enjoys the smooth and creamy taste as an alternative to peanut butter.

Most people attempting to make cashew butter at home are stuck with not properly blended and dry cashew butter. However, at Laurel’s Butter, you will find perfectly blended and creamy textured cashew butter online at an affordable price.

No, cashew butter will not make you fat. Laurel’s cashew butter is packed with healthy fats and nutrients. One spoon full of smooth and creamy textured cashew spread will keep your stomach full for the whole day. Therefore, you will not reach for other snacks and meals anytime soon.

Peanut butter and cashew butter are often compared in terms of nutritional value and taste. Peanut butter has a slightly salty taste and can be used on top of toasts, pancakes, waffles and in the preparation of cookies and frostings. On the other hand, Laurel’s cashew nut spread adds a natural sweetness to your desserts, sauces, dips, and snacks. 

Laurel’s cashew butter is made of roasted cashews and sea salt, making it the perfect nut butter for gym enthusiasts and diet-conscious individuals. You can easily buy cashew butter online from Laurel’s Butter.


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